Welcome to the Travelling Circus!

Come one, come all!

Hello friends, family, and creepy strangers who read blogs of people they don’t know! Welcome to the new and improved way to keep up with the tedious and random ramblings that you miss so much while I’m away. Please don’t worry, you’ll still be getting the standard updates by e-mail, but this blog will hopefully supplement your doses without clogging your inbox.

And so, read on, and get better acquainted with the constant madness that makes up the Clonk Family Circus.

No animals were harmed in the production of this circus. Unless you count holding a dog like a baby and forcing him to listen while you tell him all your problems in a baby voice as harmful. But I don’t.

*Dear Beloved Americans,
Please do not feel compelled to post a comment letting me know that ‘travelling’ is spelled wrong. In the rest of the English speaking universe, ‘traveling’ has two ‘L’s. And I’m worldy. So deal with it.

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