Leftovers: It’s What for Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner

One of the main perks of this haus frau life I’m living is the time I get to spend on perfecting (or in some cases, creating from scratch) my domestic skills. Don’t get me wrong, my mom did her best to prepare me to take care of myself in this world. I knew the basics of laundry, boiling noodles, baking cookies, sewing buttons and vacuuming so the lines form a perfect grid across the carpet…wait, was that just my mom? My dad made sure I was well versed in the infinite uses for duct tape, the basics of a stir-fry, how to change a bike tire and how to use the leaf-blower to get all the remaining flakes of snow off the driveway…wait, was that just my dad? Anyway, the truth is that unless your mom was some kind of psycho-Martha Stewart or you dad has the crack-induced energy of Ty Pennington, you can’t learn it all until you actually have to do it. Making meals that are different, healthy and not-burned morning after morning, noon after noon, and night after night has so far proven to be the most challenging task facing the running of this household.

And so, in the name of time saving, earth saving and sanity saving, I’ve discovered my new favorite meal: anything made out of the something I’ve already made. Leftover baked potatoes? Choppity-chop, fry it up: hashed browns! Extra rice from that stir-fry? Put in some cauliflower and cheese, pop it in a dish: some sort of casserole! Spare spaghetti? Warm it up, put it on a plate: spaghetti…AGAIN! See what I mean? Easy-peasy, nothing to it.

In the name of all three R’s (this case, ‘reuse’), I present PUMPKIN PANCAKES, made from the frozen-then-thawed leftovers from the previously mentioned pumpkin muffins. Behold, and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Leftovers: It’s What for Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner

  1. Lane another great thing you can do with pumpkin….PUMPKIN ALFREDO! yes, i did it just the other day. all you need is some heavy whipping cream salt and pepper to taste.ok i will do better at explainingfor say oh 15 oz of pumpkin goo use one pint of heavy whipping cream. (and i will let you do the conversions if needed) heat and once it starts to boil remove from heat, add salt and pepper to taste. place blobs of yummy pumpkin alfredo goo all over fresh noodles and enjoy. sounds completely wack, but is tastey.take care claudia

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