Roadtrip: Dutch Flashbacks

Now that we are home safe and sound from our road trip, it is safe to say this is the best weekend we have had in a while. Firstly, what kind of red-blooded North American doesn’t love a good road trip? There are snacks, dirty jokes, tunes, more snacks and treacherous snowy conditions. Perfection! Secondly, we missed our friends and our life in Holland more than we knew, and here are a couple of reasons why:

See those adorable mini-forks? They are used to stab french fries which are slathered in delicious mayo. Seriously. See all those mini-doors labelled ‘warm’? If you insert a euro or two, you can open one of those doors and take out something deep fried and, fittingly enough, warm. I choose fried CHEESE. See those multi-colored objects? They are mystery meats filled with lovely seasonings and rolled in delightful crumb coating before being deep fried. Dave is in heaven in their midst.

These pictures are of Dave very bashfully accepting the award from the Nederlands Ijshockey Bond for being the league’s top scorer last year. I’m really proud of how hard he worked and how well the team came together all season. The flowers were for me, probably because the Dutch are just so polite that they didn’t want me to feel left out, but I am starting a rumor that I won an award called “Wife of the Year”. Tell everyone you know. Now, I know I’m usually sarcastic bordering on bitter when I talk about hockey, but in reality I am really in awe of Dave and his commitment to his dream. I hope someday I find that kind of passion for a profession…perhaps there are openings as a “Cheese Tester” or “Nap Taker.”

The best thing about Holland, as with every city we’ve lived in, are the people. In general, the Dutch have always shown themselves to be hospitable, friendly and relaxed people. More specifically, our friends in Tilburg are amazing. We were lucky last year to have such a cohesive group of like-minded individuals, and it is hard not to long for that kind of connection every season. Our people in Tilburg, Dutchies and North Americans alike, play hard, laugh loud, rock out and love long time. Maybe it is because Tilburg is the first home we made after being married, perhaps it was some serendipitous collision of stars, or maybe it is just the abundance of extraordinary cheeses, but when we go back it feels like going home.

6 thoughts on “Roadtrip: Dutch Flashbacks

  1. So i was supposed to be doing my thesis today and instead i just spent 2 hours reading through your entire blog. You have such eloquent prose… my favorite is about the clown and the amazing dog boy. He really is an amazing dog boy is the thing. 1.5 months until i see your shining faces…

  2. I love that you have a “cheese” category. My stomach just made a noise. You are the Wife of the Year – don’t worry, I’ll spread the rumor over here in North America!

  3. Don’t ask me how I found this. I have a well documented history of not finding women funny, (I don’t want to hear anything about it, I am 30 years old and at this point I don’t see change on the horizon), but this is perfectly funny.

  4. Andrew, Sorry to hear you don’t find women funny…I promise I won’t try to change you, but I can say unequivocally that I am hilarious. I hope you keep enjoying my blog!

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