On Your Mark, Get Set…GO!

No matter what continent you are on, the beginnings of a non-stop capitalist orgy that we now call simply ‘the Holidays’ is undoubtedly upon you. Normally docile people will start punching each other in the face in the name of the perfect gift. Relatives will start asking you invasive questions about when you will get married/have a baby/buy a house/find a man. You will buy overpriced theme napkins, toxic fake snow, all manner of twinkly lights and candles that smell like food (because let’s face it, baking is hard) just to make your house seem more like the North Pole. In the name of peace, joy and love you will probably have at least one nervous breakdown.

So, in the honor of the onset of this wondrous time of year, feast your eyes on the most festive dance trio around. Let the holidays begin.

4 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get Set…GO!

  1. How can someone’s writing be soooo good and yet penmenship be soooo bad. I shall continue to waste my employers money reading this.

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