Rock Solid

Turns out Liz thinks my blog is awesome, so she passed on the “You Rock the Crib” blog honor to The Travelling Circus. I consider this a huge compliment coming from the Queen Of Expat Irish Dry Humor. This is the first real award I’ve received in at least a decade, unless you count diplomas (which I don’t, because they were bought and paid for) or the recent rumor (started by yours truly) that I am Wife of the Year. And since I have no idea when any award, purchased, self-proclaimed or otherwise, will come my way again, I think I better take the traditional route and give an acceptance speech. Here goes:

Wow, what an honor! I’ve been blogging over a month now, and I’m really humbled by this amazing recognition! I’d like to thank my life partner, who reads each entry when it is hot off the press with me over his shoulder, pointing at the screen and asking, “Isn’t that funny?” or “Don’t you agree?” Thanks to the Internet, wherever you are, for giving me the means to spread my random madness throughout time and space. Thanks to Diet Coke (or Cola Light, as we would say in Germany) for reinvigorating my soul when I feel I have no more funny anecdotes or driftless musings.

Before I depart, I must pass the “Rock the Crib” award on to my girl Lynnie, who plans a wedding like she’s worth a million but stays true to her budget roots. Plus, she’s the smartest woman I know. I bid you, adieu.

One thought on “Rock Solid

  1. You definitely deserve the award! I’ve only been reading your blog a short while, but am so glad I came across it. My partner reads mine too – but generally only when I prompt (force) him. Suze x

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