Holiday Pretty

Christmastime is officially here. Decorating at any level is not a priority for us at this juncture, because we only have two suitcases each worth of belongings and I saved most of my space for socks and boots rather than aesthetic items. So at Christmas things always feel a bit sparse when we are both used to childhood homes decked out in tinsel, trees and, in my case, Disco Santa. Last year, we bought a tree that lived in a pot and put it outside to continue it’s life after the holidays. This year, we took the more economical and environmentally friendly approach and threw some lights on the artificial ficus that lives in our apartment. I am a HUGE fan of popcorn garland, but I know that Falcor would go to town and gobble it up before it could be truly enjoyed on the tree. Instead, I made several garlands and put them on windows, door ways and china cabinets throughout the apartment. Behold, the Holiday Clonk House!

Santa and his friends.
The Christmas Ficus
Our house is covered in popcorn garlands. CrafyRachel, I thought you’d be proud!
Pyramid, Smoking Pilze and Nutcraker: Traditional German woodcrafts
Holiday votives: Felt is also a very popular decoration material in Germany.

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