Frohes Neues Jahr

Or, to translate, Happy New Year! We rang in 2008 with our family and friends in Dresden and things could not have gone better. We ate, drank, and made merry with our sisters, Dave’s teammates and thousands of cheerful strangers. And although New Year’s Day brought some tears when I had to say goodbye to my sister (again), I’m feeling great as I get another 12-months started.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, as with every year, when we glance back over 2007. Dave won the Dutch National Championship with his team, we saw Paris and Barcelona, we were reunited with Falcor, visited family in Manitoba, spent the rest of a gorgeous summer in Marquette with our friends and family. We moved to Germany, started again, and marked our first year of marriage. Our family and friends have started new jobs, finished university, had babies, become married, and grown out and/or cut bangs. Our dog started wearing clothes.

As with every year, this year hasn’t been without it’s share of missteps, hiccups and fashion faux pas. When I turn back to look at where we’ve been I feel a twang of reminiscent sadness for the good times and some bitterness towards bad moments we endured. I feel a growing sense of joy when I imagine us moving forward with the best of intentions in a whole new year. Call them resolutions, call them decisions, call them the next logical step. Over time I’ve learned that we can’t erase the mistakes that have already been written in our histories, but we can overwrite them with a darker pen. The shadow of the original words will always be there, but the newer, better font will be the first thing you see. Unless you get amnesia, which is more like just using white out on the whole paragraph.

Although sometimes I feel that we are the only people that have no idea what lies ahead on the path, a new year makes me realize that we are all in for a constant barrage of surprises…for the rest of our lives. Our surprises just come on a more predictable schedule for now. So, with that in mind, go start your diet/clean out your closet/hit the gym/be nicer to your neighbor or whatever you might have resolved to do. I’ve sworn off candy for a week…you’re nuts if you think I’d ever do something so rash for a year…so wish me luck on the next 7 days of these next 365.

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