Put An Egg In The Whole

If you have a glass, some bread, a pat of butter and an egg, you can follow the directions in the title of this post and make this meal.

This recipe is probably well known and oft used by college students and the culinarily challenged. But for me, it was a new find suggested by a reader of this blog. My dearest David, hailing from the prairies of Canada, loves anything to do with a traditional breakfast. Make some combination of eggs, toast and meat (but for the love of god do NOT add onions) and he is in heaven. So I thought “Egg In A Hole” would be right up his alley.

It’s true, he ate it. He put hot sauce and ketchup on it and gobbled it right down. But he wasn’t enthusiastic about it, he didn’t rave. Here are the major problems, as I see them:

a) The bread does not become crunchy enough with the butter/pan procedure. Toast is always best, toasted in a toasting machine.

b) Is this egg cooked all the way? Dave comes from a family of people who are, shall we say, hyper-vigilant about the doneness of their food. Dave is more of a fried or scrambled egg guy. When he is feeling daring, he eats his eggs over medium. But over easy? Running and gooey? Not a chance. This egg cooked easily enough through the bottom, but the bread would have been charcoal if I left it long enough to make the top edible. Therefore, I flipped it and in doing so ruined some of the aesthetic value.

c) What about the circles leftover from the bread? Do people throw those away with all the crusts and muffin bottoms? I was trained in the Clark Family School of Non-Wasting, so I toasted them and put peanut butter on top.

Not what I would call ‘bad’, but not great either. In a pinch, this meal will cook up quickly and easily. If you aren’t as choosy about your yolk consistency, you might even use those leftover bread circles for dipping. To each, his or her own.

5 thoughts on “Put An Egg In The Whole

  1. I still make that all the time! I call it Monkey in the Middle. As for the centers of the bread, i just leave them in the pan to crisp up a bit.

  2. kevin loves egg in a hole! I thought it was a canadian thing…I like my toast and eggs seperated..thank you very much! haha, I laughed through this entry!

  3. This is my favorite weekend breakfast food! My granny used to make this, and called it a “one-eyed sailor.” You grill the little round piece and put it over the “eye” as his “patch.” I know what you mean about the doneness issue, so I usually grill it over medium heat and let it cook for a bit, to go all the way through.

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