Skater Girl Meets Skater Boy

Today I decided to take my own advice (specifically, number three from yesterday’s post) and get moving to ward off winter doldrums! I’m pretty regular about getting my exercise, but the same old routine is exactly what I don’t need when the grey January days are getting me down. So I decided to mix it up a bit and have David, ever the sport, take me skating! I currently prefer to calling it Ice Running, since in German you can say Eislaufen and I love literal translations, especially when they only sort of make sense.

Every time we go skating, the memory of our first twirl around the ice together must be recounted. I was visiting Manitoba with Dave over the holidays a few years back and he took me to one of the many wonderful municipally maintained outdoor rinks that Brandon boasts in the winter months. There’s nothing better than skating outside. Alright, there are things better than skating outside, but no better way to experience skating.

After lacing up a pair of vintage D. Bonk skates circa 1990, I stood and marched through the snow to the rink entrance. Dave went onto the ice first, then turned around, sort of bending down a little so he could talk right at my level, held out his hands and said ever so gently “Ok, honey, just step out here slowly and grab my hands. I’ve got you.” This might sound cute, and the intention was caring, but I was annoyed. “Pardon?” I said, as I mustered my inner Scarlett O’Hara (ungrateful wretch!), breezed by him and skated away with as much speed as these stumpy legs can muster. I grew up in northern Michigan! My father still plays hockey to this day! I excel at winter sports! Who did he think he was dealing with?

Needless to say, Dave never underestimated my skills again, or at least not my skating abilities. Since then he’s helped me perfect my crossovers, quick starts and foward-to-backward transition. My backward-to-forward transition is another matter entirely, we’ll call it a ‘work in progress’ but that may have to be changed to ‘lost cause.’

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