Prague: Restoring Faith in Humanity

Ok, ok, that title might be a bit much. But the truth is that when you live in east Germany, your team is on an endless roller coaster of wins and losses and you haven’t had a weekend off since November…just about anywhere else seems like paradise. True enough, Prague has all the pitfalls of a big city: occasional whiffs of sewage, beggars laying prone on the sidewalk, swindlers trying to sell you their wares, and aggressive prostitutes. So maybe paradise is the wrong word, but it was a refreshing get-away nonetheless.

Prague is a medieval fortress, Renaissance village and modern city. You can wander for hours (trust me, we did it) down the winding lanes that line the river. You can hike up to the castle (stopping in a pub along the way to eat a piece of fried cheese the size of your head, of course) and meander down slowly taking in views of the Old and New Town (you’d like to go faster, but aforementioned cheese is bogging you down) letting gravity help your descent. If you’re smart, you’ll save on hotel by staying in a chic hostel and use the saved Czech Crowns to buy a sweet set of nesting dolls. You’ll probably meet an Australian and an Austrian in your hostel and end up watching a match from the Africa Cup in an Irish Pub. It’s pretty standard, really.

Below are just a few snap shots of our journey. We took the train, wandered by foot and by Metro, and enjoyed the 48 hours of freedom. Feast your eyes.

The Astronomical Clock was my favorite sight. Sure, it just looks like a fancy clock, but this thing tells you the position of the sun, sign of the zodiac, time and what you should have for lunch. I can barely manage long division, and somehow someone in the 1400’s figured this out. Figures.

Good King Wenceslas!
A view from the castle.
The National Cathedral.
David and the Charles Bridge.

5 thoughts on “Prague: Restoring Faith in Humanity

  1. I’ve seen pictures of that clock, but I really like that angle; It’s quite amazing. Sounds like you guys had a nice relaxing & lovely trip, I’m so glad! You two deserve it.

  2. The comment was deleted by the author of the post Andrew, not the author of the blog! Anyway, I’m sure Christina knew what she was doing!

  3. Wonderful pictures! Wow, that clock looks complicated, but very pretty nonetheless. So glad you two could escape to Prague after all!

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