Cupid Comes to Crimmy

I know that among both the singles and the couples alike there are some who have a distaste for Valentine’s Day. Allegedly it’s a Hallmark holiday made up to make people feel badly or spend money on flowers and cheap Made in China teddy bears. I’m here to neither confirm nor deny such allegations, but I will be honest and say that Dave and I do celebrate, nay, observe Valentine’s Day every year. We’re not into gifts or extravagance, just sentiment and special time set aside to dote on each other and bat eyelashes. Plus, it always seems like a great excuse to gorge on chocolate.

In defense of spontaneous romance, in honor of contrived Valentines and in the name of bragging, I present you now with the beautiful flowers that my husband brought to me…LAST week. I believe it was a Tuesday. Nothing particularly special about that day, just that he thought to swing by the florist on the way home practice and write me a lovely card before I came in from the gym. He never buys pre-made bouquets, but instead picks out the flowers himself, bless his colorblind little heart. I’m a lucky girl.

As far as our actual Valentine’s Day festivities, we celebrated our love by napping all afternoon, walking our dog, grocery shopping, then having a date in the neighboring town for drinks and Italian food. Although we spend every dinner together (breakfast and lunch, too) we were giddy last night. Maybe it was the fact that we left the boundaries of Crimmy, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the fact that we wore actual clothes (as opposed to pajamas or workout gear)…whatever the reason it was great to get some fresh air and be seen in public (and by ‘seen’ I mean stared at while speaking English in our indoor voices).

The Valentine’s Day specials…I chose the heart-shaped raviolis!
Dave reads the HOMEMADE card I gave him! Somehow it made me cry!
My lovely Caprese salad.
It only took 1 hour and 15 minutes for our entrees to arrive!

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