Costa Bravan Honeymoon: A Retrospective

A little over a year ago, Dave and I were embarking on our first trip to Spain, also known as our Honeymoon. We flew into Girona, spent some time in Barcelona, and went on to the small town of Palamos to relax near the sea. To this day, I think that week in Spain was our favorite European vacation destination. The laid back attitude of the people, the abundance of delicious appetizers a.k.a. tapas, the palm trees, and architecture. But mostly, we loved that Sangria and siesta originate in one place. How can that not be the most awesome place on Earth?

Barcelona: It feels like a set from Indiana Jones.

Sagrada Familia: The most awesome drip-castle ever made.

Gaudi: Knew what he was doing.

Wine: Is what honeymoons are made of.

Steeples: Set the mood.

Getting lost: A very romantic way to spend the afternoon.

The market: A wonderland of food, minus the animal parts.

Sangria: The start to a a fun evening and a painful headache the next morning.

Palamos: Where you can go to unwind.

Sailboats: A staple in a fishing village.

Balcony: A place where honeymooners can read and drink wine.

The Mediterranean: Calls me in and makes me want to swim without a wetsuit.

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