Cinco De Mayo And Grey Hair To Match

On Monday my beloved turned a dashing 26 while some Mexicans celebrated their heritage. We started they morning off celebrating both occasions by having a Corona with lunch. Ole.

And while David may have some reservations about getting older, I’m encouraging a brighter outlook. I’m hoping we have 70 more years together, and from that point of view we are only going to become more wrinkled, achey, confused, sore, tired and prone to urinating in our pants. We should ENJOY the now, because we aren’t getting any younger…and thank goodness for that, really. And as my dad would say of aging “It beats the alternative.”

The way we spent Dave’s 26th birthday hardly seems exciting considering that it was only 5 years ago that Jess and I were making the most hilarious birthday documentary ever during his 21st extravaganza. But despite the change in details, our celebration still had to do with love, life, food and cake. So much love, in fact, that I myself touched RAW bison meat to make the bison burgers. After two phone calls to various friends to confirm that I was doing it properly, I put my hand in that bloody mass of flesh and made patties. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

So here’s to Dave, 26 and counting, accumulating grey hairs just to show how far he’s come! Happy Birthday!

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