A Watermelon Basket, A Dirt Pie

As the saying goes, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. In this scenario, my sister, Dave and I are the mice. Since the three of us are all on a temporary stop-over at my parent’s house, we’re once again living under their rules. Truth be told my parents are cool as hell, and it’s not all slavery and drudgery over here. But still, what kind of grown-up kids would we be if we didn’t have part while they were away?

When considering that the youngest ‘child’ living in this house is going on 23, we thought a more grown-up party was in order. So we invited over some friends for a barbeque. We hit up the internet for some ideas, braved the grocery store on Saturday afternoon, and whipped up some treats.

Alley took the appetizer route, and made bean salsa. Not only was the recipe amazingly easy, it had fiber, protein and a general sense of delicious health. Which was good, because I took the dessert route. The recipe, inspired by my mother-in-law’s Dirt Cake, was also easy, but the only small aspect of ‘health’ came from the pathetic attempts I made to choose reduced fat or sugar free ingredients. Who am I kidding?

I’d also like to make sure you take special note that not only did we include watermelon, a bonafide fruit, in our spread, but we cut that watermelon IN THE SHAPE OF A BASKET. Seriously, we went all Martha Stewart and shocked even ourselves.

Behold, the Dirt Pie. (flowers courtesy of Jess)

The thing about having grown-up parties is that wine is often served. Wine and spirits. And some beer. And it’s not that adult parties are different than youth parties in this regard, it’s just that at the adult parties this is completely legal. Ten years ago, I was drinking Boone’s Farm as my wine of choice, today I just choose something classy…from my parent’s collection in the basement. But some things about parties don’t change. Good friends, good times, good food. Some music, lots of laughter, and eventually…rowdy dancing in the kitchen. Cheers, to being young forever!

2 thoughts on “A Watermelon Basket, A Dirt Pie

  1. You are too cute with your watermelon basket! The dirt pie looks odd, but I’ll take your word for it that it’s good. Looks like Alley’s got some moves!

  2. That dirt pie looks so cute…and I love it…we call it dirt dessert. And I’m impressed with the watermelon. Your party in the kitchen made me miss my friends and my parents’ kitchen. And cool whip.

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