Wedding: The Foothills and Mountain Version

My blogging absence of the recent weeks can simply be explained by the fact that we are currently in the peak of wedding season. And so Dave and I over-packed and saddled-up to begin our wedding odyssey.

Last week we landed, rather bumpily, on the tarmac at Denver International Airport to begin the long weekend of debauchery that ensues whenever a Pappas gets married. My cousin Derek and his new wife Beth did their best to represent at our wedding, and damned if we weren’t going to do the same at theirs. The maternal side of my family sets the bar quite high when it comes to partying. And being the only girls, and rather small girls at that, amongst a clan of all-male-over-six-feet-tall cousins, my sister and I certainly feel the pressure to bring it when called upon.
The shone brightly on the wedding day, so we slathered Dad and David in sunscreen and took our seats! The happy couple saying their vows.I can never pass up a photo op with a grain silo.Cupcakes and cakes. I was in my glory.Favors of almonds, a Greek wedding tradition.
Ouzo, the best way to get a Pappas on the dance floor.The tent looked gorgeous! The perfect setting for me to eat until the point of feeling ill!
The dance floor, hoe-down style.
Dave ponders the universe. And identifies cloud animals…see the dragon?Goodnight Colorado! Most simply put, a good time was had by all. A trip with my entire family, both nuclear and extended, is rare these days. But a successful trip, defined by good weather, great circumstances, and plenty of food to ward of crabbiness, is a thing to be cherished. We all flew home with a feeling of pleasant exhaustion, beginning the slow recovery until next year when the next of our crew ties the knot. OPA!

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