Wedding: The Prairies and Woodlands Version

Welcome to Manitoba. How can you not feel at home here?

One way to recover from the exhaustion of a 4-day wedding bender in Colorado is to immediately drive cross-country to a 4-day wedding bender in Manitoba. It’s only logical. So we took our suitcases off the plane and put them in the trunk of the car. Let’s roll.

My responsibilities at the last wedding consisted mostly of dancing madly, talking to relatives, and consuming everything in sight at an alarming rate, At this event my husband was the Best Man, so I wasn’t sure what that mean for my role. I decided to go with what I know, and continue dancing madly, talking to relatives and consuming everything in sight at an alarming rate. The Best Manly duties kept Dave fairly busy all weekend, which gave me a chance to get my in-laws alone and show them all the reasons they should love me more than their biological child. So far, so good. The entire weekend was perfect for us and, much more importantly, for Matty and Age. They simply could not have been any happier without their heads exploding.Matty and Age grin through their ceremony! Lesya and I cry like babies.Everyone looks on as the sun shines down.Clear Lake, living up to the name.A summer sky in Manitoba.Centerpieces and place settings. Local artist Delores Orridge made these lovely plaques.The beautiful wedding party in the gorgeous tent.The best friend and his Best Man.How lucky is he? A canola field set under that gorgeous prairie sky, a perfect end to the weekend.

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