Prelude To A Road Trip

Some people might consider a 1,500 mile round-trip journey an actual, full-blown road trip. But our recent Canadian odyssey was a mere warm-up for the 2,300 mile one-way adventure that begins next week.

I can’t even tell you the number of miles that Dave and I have racked up in the car both together and individually in the past seven years. A relationship that includes two years long-distance and families that live 750 miles apart is bound to require some long hours behind the wheel. And when you add our move to South Carolina, our move from South Carolina to California, and our drive home from California, we start to sound like real road warriors.

The trip between Brandon, Manitoba and Marquette, Michigan takes about 14 hours, and we almost always do it in one day. There’s a lot of improvised singing, philosophical discussion and argumentation regarding the best song of the 1990’s. There are blessed long stretches where NPR comes in clear as a bell, and we muse to the soothing sounds of Robert Siegel and Neal Conan. There are favorite rest stops and rest stops to avoid just in case we don’t want some kind of communicable disease. There are nap-shifts and too frequent/too infrequent (depending on which party you ask) bladder-relief stops. There are hours that fly by and hours on end that drag on. Why oh why are there times when there is no mileage sign for an hour, and then stretches where they tell you ever 5 miles how slow you are going? The age old questions of the road.

Look! We are at the Geographic Center of North America!

Wagon wheels add that North Dakota charm.

The Real Boy takes his seat and smiles all the way home!

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