You Have To Start Somewhere

And this particular time, we started in Michigan. Tears, sweat and U-Haul grease all flowed as we prepared for our departure, but we are old road-trip pros. The trick is, on the other occasions during which we have driven cross-country with all our possessions, we just jammed them in/on the car. The jamming of all your belongings into the car and then riding with said belongings for 40 some hours is tricky enough. But this year we upgraded from the two suitcases each of the past two seasons to…wait for it…a U-Haul. And because we like to make things interesting, we thought we should tow a car with our U-Haul. We call this, the Rig.

If you could see into our U-Haul (you can’t, it’s private) you would realize that we don’t actually need a U-Haul. The Rig is not jammed to the top, but we did manage to fill it. We feel quite adult with so many possessions, especially since so many of them are shiny and new (a.k.a. two year old) wedding gifts! But what we don’t really have is what some call ‘furniture.’ True, we have one rocking chair, two mountain bikes (which have seats) and several large Tupperware bins that could double as ottomans. The Rig is mostly full of cookbooks, clothes, the best potato masher ever made, golf clubs, a Pilates ball and some other miscellany. It all adds up, doesn’t it?

And so we woke, ate and started the long goodbye process that I always manage to drag out too long. I teared up when I said goodbye to my best friend. I cried openly when I said goodbye to my cat. I choked back sobs as I hugged mom and dad, and then I released said sobs about 2 blocks later just to give Dave a few moments to wonder what kind of road trip he was on. And we’re off. After the tears dried and I called my mom twice on the phone, the road trip euphoria set in and good times began to roll.

Loading up the Rig. It takes the wits of at least 3 grown men, 3 women, and a dog.

My mom kisses her Camry goodbye. Literally.

Falcor says goodbye to Aunt Jess. With his tongue.

The view from my seat in the Rig.

Good luck charms.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Midwest, what? What else is there!

2 thoughts on “You Have To Start Somewhere

  1. I choked up reading this. I hope you have safe travels! And I totally know what it’s like to be using brand new (2 years old) wedding gifts. I just unpacked a bunch last night that I can finally wedge into our new kitchen (before they were in boxes in a wardrobe).

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