Those Who Live in Corn Palaces

The image you have of a drive across the entire width of South Dakota may be a rather bland one. You might picture corn and cattle and grass and sky. And you’d be right, especially on the matter of corn. My WORD there is a lot of corn in that state. And just continues in Nebraska! But I digress. What you don’t realize is that South Dakota is just full of sights to see, and the people of South Dakota are determined to make you linger in their oft forgotten state. Every exit advertises some enticing treat. The Corn Palace, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s house, buffalo herds, casinos, horse-draw carriage rides, all you can eat bison buffets. Each and every one of these attractions is advertised on a billboard. This adds up my friends to A LOT of billboards. A drive through the Interstate of South Dakota is a barrage of billboards. There are at least, from my very unmathematical calculations, two billboards for every man, woman and child in the southern Dakota.

And don’t even get me started on Wall Drug. When heading west on the main route through the southern portion of the state every fourth (again, not mathematical) billboard reminds you that Wall Drug is the biggest of all the many South Dakota attractions. Thanks tips, we get it.

And finally, as our day in South Dakota concluded with a sleepover stop in the famous Wall itself, we came to realize that our journey happened to coincide with the biggest motorcycle rally I could have ever even conceived of. The Sturgis Rally is the event of the year for motorcyclists, and they rode together in swarms on the highway. They filled hotel rooms and revved their unnecessarily loud engines. They didn’t put helmets on.

Some hotels even have, wait for it…COLOR TV. Oh South Dakota, you’re ahead of your time.

2 thoughts on “Those Who Live in Corn Palaces

  1. That last picture…color tv. Wild bunch out there! I’m catching up on your travels…looks like fun, although I’m sure it was long and tiring!

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