A Monumental Anniversary

On our way out of South Dakota we took a detour from the strict road-trip regimine to celebrate our second wedding anniversary…at Mount Rushmore! Woot woot! Nothing reflects our love more appropriately than the massive faces of four American presidents carved into a rock. Love is in the air. Or is that 200% humidity? They feel so similar.All sarcasm aside, the educational and incredibly scenic pit stop was a lovely way to take a few minutes and look back on the past two years of our marriage. Embarking on the next adventure, both in the literal sense (we had about 300 miles of mountains to cross that day in the Rig) and the figurative (the next 150 years of our marriage), is somewhat the motto of our marriage. Or, if you set that sentence to music, it’s a catchy start to our theme song.

4 thoughts on “A Monumental Anniversary

  1. look at my boy. god I love that dog. I miss you honey and every sleep that goes by without you in my bed makes me miss you more and more. I do my best every day to make you happy, and sometimes I am a moron, but you are my life and my future and all that is good in my world. I love you. Doodle.

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