Some Legs Are Longer Than Others

The last leg of our trip was, in reality, no longer than the others. We went roughly 450-500 miles each day, as contractually obligated. But the last day followed the last night spent in a Motel 6 in Cedar City, Utah. Which was preceded by four consecutive days of driving. So needless to say, the long slow climbs of Utah, Nevada and western Central California and the heat, the dry, dry, so very hot heat of the desert didn’t help our road fatigue.

Apparently it’s funny if Dave pretends to dive into a canyon, but when I pose for a scenic shot he ruins the zen by screaming “YOU ARE TOO CLOSE!” “DON’T BUDGE!” “I DON’T WANT TO BE ACCUSED OF MURDER IF YOU SLIP!” Ease off pal, I’m 6 feet from the edge! If it was that dangerous, wouldn’t there be a railing or something?

Falcor enjoys the arid foliage, looking noble as ever. Or else he is avoiding eye contact as I beg him to get back in the car.
Welcome to the San Joaquin Valley, the home we share with lots of windmills!

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