Wine At High Altitudes

One of the most notable upsides to our crazy life of traveling and moving and shaking, is that not only do we have friends and family all over the world, we actually get the chance to visit them sometimes! So, lucky for us, we left Mount Rushmore with a destination in mind. By dinner we rolled in to Silverthorne, Colorado, nestled among some of the best skiing the U.S has to offer. Minus the snow. And when I say ‘rolled in’, I mean that we came barreling in riding on the Rig which was vibrating violently as the brakes tried to cope with the 7% grade on the downslope that leads into Silverthorne. It was disconcerting but Dave once again proved himself to the be best driver ever, and we didn’t die. The picture above shows us on Derek and Beth’s balcony, so all the life-threatening driving conditions were obviously worth it.

As soon as we arrived, we got the tour of their awesome condo and got to getting. Because I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to have a quiet night at home with my Pappas cousins, but it isn’t easy. I can cite the Yahtzee incident of 2004 with my cousin Craig as proof. So pizza was ordered, wine was opened, and the joy ensued that can only be found when we spend the evening with a guy who took the time to point and laugh at you while you bawled through E.T. That shit was SAD. Anyway, Dave and I celebrated our anniversary for the second time that day with Derek and his new wife as they packed for their honeymoon. Plus, did I mention pizza?

Dave and Derek do some bonding over Orage samples and their most common thread: they married crazy people.
Beth and I get cozy. Cousins-in-law at last!
Flash forward to 3:30 am. I have brushed my hair into an afro, and we’ve gone from wine, to beer, and on to champagne. I’m also sporting vintage D gear. It was an awesome night.
The next day, I pretend to be cheerful, but I’m actually exhausted as we head into the barren state known as Utah. You may not know this, but I think you should: there is a phenomenon known as an ‘altitude hangover.’ Try to avoid experiencing it. Thanks again to Beth and Derek for reinvigorating our trip and giving us shelter for the night. I love you crazy kids! To be continued…

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