Flashback: London and Notts

A year ago I took a big leap. Actually, I took a train, then a plane, then another train and went from Germany to England to have a weekend dedicated to spending time with some of my girlfriends.

Not only did I get to spend a few nights bunking down hostel style with Abby and Christina, I also got to spend a lovely afternoon (which, as always, ran into evening) with a whole host of other friends at Andrea and Jackie’s joint baby shower. When you get a room full of expat American women together, there are a lot of laughs to be had. Most of us had been living abroad for some time, and many of us are also married to men from another country/culture. It makes for interesting anecdotes, especially when you add champagne. Or vodka. Just check the blogs of some of the women there, like Liane, Caitlin or Libby, and you’ll get just a snippet of the experiences these overseas Americans.

Lucky me, I also happened to be in London at the same time as my back-in-the-day friend Scotti for her London holiday. Please notice how bundled up we are, in front of fully blooming flowerbeds. This is August in London.

My trip to England wouldn’t be complete if I never made it out of London. So, Abby took us to her adopted home of Nottingham, from here on known as Notts. You might know that Notts is the home of Robin Hood. Also known as the home of her lovely husband Matt and a quaint village that masquerades as a big city.

It’s amazing to imagine that a year has already passed since this trip. But the proof is tangible and can be viewed on the internet. Abby’s blog is now filled with the pictures of her son, who was a mere peanut at the time. Andrea and Jackie, for whom we were so excited at the shower,both have full fledged babies, over 8 and 6 months old. A year ago I was taking the most turbulent flight of my life into Berlin, while today I hide inside from the baking sun of the Central California Valley. I think another trip is in order soon, so I can spend a moment reflecting back on it next summer with as much fondness but with a better tan.

6 thoughts on “Flashback: London and Notts

  1. I can’t believe that was already a year ago! I really can’t believe how much our lives have changed in that time!Hiding in bathrooms, scaling gates, wandering around London neighborhoods totally lost, shopping for unmentionables. Good times. I miss you girls!

  2. What a great blog! I can’t believe how much has happened in a year – look how far you have gone, from Germany to all over the US to California!Great photos 🙂

  3. Thanks andrea! Look how for YOU have come!?! Finn is in full bloom and you are moving to the US in a matter of weeks! Do we even dare imagining what happens a year from now?

  4. This made me sad. Why did you have to move to stupid California? I wanted you to move here…I’m sure we could find a way for Falcor to get in!

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