A Family Wager Is Friendly Wager

Long ago, about 3 weeks ago, when I thought 80 degrees seemed hot, I went golfing. If you want to get technical, I didn’t actually golf. But I did caddy for two holes and walked along for nine. It’s a pretty big deal.

Readers of this blog and participants in my life know of my disdain for golf. But a wager was made between Dave and my mom. I don’t want to get into details, but let’s just say it involved an 18-stroke handicap and $500. The point is that somehow this became a family event, and I had to squint into the sun and pretend I was watching where Dave’s drives went. Newsflash: I’m nearsighted, I don’t have a clue.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good family outing as much as the next guy. But I take after my dad when it comes to gambling; why would we risk losing perfectly good money that could be spent on sweets or wine or random gadgets out of illustrated catalogs? Dave and my mom, on the other hand, would bet on anything. Point of fact, Dave has actually wagered on games Rock-Paper-Scissors. So when there’s money, pride, or anything else on the line, Dave and my mom tend to show their competitive sides. It’s annoying to watch people get annoyed as they chase a teeny-tiny ball around a forest. Luckily, I’m very flexible and chose to use this opportunity as a ‘nature-walk.’

Turns out, after all that hubris, everyone in the Clonk family is a winner. Plus, we took the time after the match to drink. Hooray for the winners, drown the sorrow of the loser. Either way, everyone ends up with some great memories. And a buzz.

5 thoughts on “A Family Wager Is Friendly Wager

  1. yeah, you don’t like gambling, until I shoot near flawless 3 over, and we emerge victorious… that’s where the gambling comes in. No guts, no glory (however, sometimes, no guts saves you a lot of money…)

  2. Good on ya for golfing. I personally enjoy being the cart driver or rather the beer girl since I can’t hit at all! At least your nature walk is a pretty one and you have a tasty cold one to look forward to afterwards!

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