Splish Splash

Last week we decided to hit up the Self Serve Pet Spa down the street. Falcor isn’t exactly a breed that needs a groomer, but he sheds like it’s nobody’s business and lets other dogs lick him all over. So sometimes he needs a bath. Giving him a bath at home is a workout, kneeling into the tub, and then trying to dry him with a towel before he escapes my grasp and rubs all over the couch. We heard about the Spa, rumored to be owned in part by a Canadian, and had to check it out. We suited up in aprons and put the dog on the table. Falcor was so excited about the outing in the car, that his disappointment was all the more poignant once he realized he was going for a bath, and in public no less.
We combed the Boy out with the Furminator before his bath. This little comb worked WONDERS on a very sheddy pooch. He tried to hate every minute of it, but by the end he had his signature grin.
By the time we had him in the tub, he had resigned himself to the fate of a bath. So sad, so very sad. We lathered him up, swabbed out his ears, used a deshedding formula, and squirted something in his eyes before giving him a complimentary blueberry facial. Which he was rather peeved about, but it smelled delicious and made him look like an adorable Smurf for a few minutes.

Boo hoo.
After the very convenient bathing experience (helped along by superior customer service…why are dog lovers always the most awesome people?) we blowed the Real Boy dry for the first time in his life. He hated it, really despised it, but came out so fluffy and adorable that he couldn’t help but get excited. Plus we bought him a pig’s ear to reward him for his good behavior during the hygiene regimen. Have you ever seen such a look of joy on a clean dog’s face?

2 thoughts on “Splish Splash

  1. He looks lovely after a “spa day”. We bring Bailey to the spa and she loves it….although she comes home exhausted after all the excitement of being there.

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