The Volkslauf 2008

One week ago today I was running the Volkslauf, a local Toys For Tots fundraiser put on by the Marines at a training course out in a poo-scented field north of Bakersfield. So, in the name of a good cause, general physical fitness, and a tiny bit of masochism, the girls and I suited up. We met at 6:30am (on a Saturday, no less) to purposely run through fields of mud, chain link, brick walks and water-filled trenches. Also, it was about 47 degrees. Also, our outfits coordinated. (above L to R: myself, Ash, Jenn, and Amy before the race, caffienated and still dry) Meet the cast of this freak show!

Ashley, a.k.a. “Pippi Wetstockings”
Jenn, a.k.a. “Energizer Esmerelda”
Amy, a.k.a. “The Little Engine That Didn’t Want To But Was Peer Pressured”
Lane, a.k.a. “Mighty Short Legs”

We started out quick-like, and spent the better part of the next hour hoisting ourselves and others over walls of various types and sizes, climbing rope nets, crawling through tunnels and generally trudging through mud pits. And we jogged a bit in between. The race ended with a SWIM through a 6 foot deep trench of mud water that was approximately 2,000 miles long. Actually, it was probably about 50 yards, but seeing as how we were fatigued from all the climbing/crawling/running of the past 50 minutes and we were fully clothed and wearing running shoes, it was the longest swim of my life up until now. There were well-intentioned Marines all along the side of the trench shouting to the swimmers “If you can’t swim or get too tired, come to the side of the trench where it’s shallow!!!!” Pardon me sir, but I’d rather drown with my pride intact than limp to the finish line in that fashion.

By the end of the race I was tired but feeling as though I was ready for more! Or for a hot tub and a nap.

Normally, you think men wouldn’t want to pose in a picture with a woman soaked in mud-water, who reeks of poo and body odor. But these are MARINES! They’re tough. And too polite to say no.

After the requisite photos with Marines, we beetled to the car and got naked in the parking lot. Why, you ask? Well, silly, it’s because you can’t put on a one-piece footed pajama unless you disrobe first! Obviously!

Don’t we look so warm and cuddly? Sidenote: These are, quite obviously children’s pajamas. How big are today’s children? Jenn is like 5’9” and fits in there with room to spare!

We (and by we, I mean everyone but poor Amy who didn’t enjoy it all that much) are already planning to do this again next year, circumstances permitting, but the LONGER version! I’m a glutton for punishment.

6 thoughts on “The Volkslauf 2008

  1. Sometimes its scary how similar we are. I seriously said the exact same thing in regards to those same children’s pajamas. I think we need to stop injecting chickens with growth hormones.

  2. I am from the IE Nest board and noticed your bio link in your siggy.Congrats on the race, and the footie pj’s are too awesome for words!

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