Travel Out The Patio Door

As much as I miss the accessability of travel that we became accustomed to while living in Europe, I have to remind myself in ungrateful moments of the ebb and flow and flow of life. Not only are we fortunate to be happy, healthy and surrounded by peace, but we’ve given up our compact European life for the spacious life of Americans. We might have to drive a distance to get anywhere else, but what we have in our own backyard is a backyard! Nothing compared to the yard I grew up in, which spoiled my expectations for eternity, but a green, long yard with a fence for our growing dog family. Sometimes you need to get on a plane and fly far far away. But sometimes you just need to pop outside and enjoy the ease of the journey to a more relaxing space.

One thought on “Travel Out The Patio Door

  1. And because I’m a comment whore today, I’ll add one more…I am totally having one of these days. Lately I’ve been thinking about how we haven’t done that much travelling compared to what we did in Oz. Yet, it’s absolutely gorgeous here today and the Hubby, Puppy and I have been sitting around the pool with a glass of wine watching the hummingbirds buzz around the trees. Some times there’s nothing better than this.

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