Pink Friday

I’m always skeptical of a fad, especially those that come along with all kinds of hype and intense marketing strategies. I once recieved a Hypercolor t-shirt as a gift, but I knew that my armpits would be the hottest spot on my body, making for an embarrassing color change. When everyone was going for the Rachel-From-Friends hairstyle, I had a sinking feeling there would be a lot of cutter’s remorse once that chair spun around to the mirror. I knew that Motorola Razr phone was going to be a bunch of crap. American Idol still annoys me to no end, poor Kelly Clarkson doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with all the noise.

Of course, like any human who watches certain amounts of television and has moments of weakness, I’ve fall for some of these marketing schemes and later come to regret it. But in my adult life I have made a list of much-hyped merchandise that actually deserves the hulabaloo. That list is so exclusive that up until now it has only included three items. 1) The Bose Wave Radio, the tiny, unobtrusive, booming sound system that makes any room seem like it’s wired with surround sound, 2) the iPod, which includes the orginal and the shuffle, for it’s ease of use, sheer utitilarianism, and always attractive minimalist design and 3) lululemon yoga pants…I’d post a picture of my ass in them to convince you (trust me, it would) but I don’t want to make myself that vulerable to the internets! As of last weekend I am prepared to amend the list to include a fourth item. The Dyson vacuum. It never loses suction, people! I’m usually Ms. Frugality, so you may be shocked to hear me promoting the upside to a $400 vacuum. Because this $400 vacuum is actually the cheapest version of the Dyson. Come again? Yes, you heard me. I’ve lost hours of my life in complete bewilderment over the concept of a $1000 baby stroller, so you can be sure that I was similarly astounded when I first learned of this budget-unfriendly vacuum cleaner. I mean, they all suck, don’t they?

Yes, they do suck. Pun fully and completely intended, every vacuum I’ve used up until now sucks in comparison. Because of a genetic need to vacuum, I run the thing over the entire house once weekly, if not more due to dog hair issues. When we brough the Dyson home I vacuumed right away, STUNNED to find the ENORMOUS amount of hair and dust that was withdrawn from my recently swept floors. I felt like a filthy, filthy woman who surrounds herself in filth. That vacuum, while light and easy to use with no real danger of breaking into cheap plasticy pieces, embarrassed me in front of my husband. But I loved it anyway.

I’m proud to say that not only did we find a tool to keep us from living in dirty squalor, but we also got it for a deal. You didn’t think I’d pay full price for that did you? Get serious, I’m born of the woman who spent and entire year pulling over every time she saw a returnable can (even on the freeway) and used the earnings to buy a TV. We rolled the dice and pulled up to Target on Black Friday, only to find that apparently by 1p.m. most of those crazy shoppers are back at home rolling around in their loot. The store was calm but we were not when we saw we picked up the second-to-last discounted Dyson. From $399 to $349 plus a $100 Target gift card. And we got the ‘Pink’ model, which donates a portion of sales to breast cancer research. A STEAL, I tell you. A philanthropical steal.

9 thoughts on “Pink Friday

  1. That is SUCH a steal! I mean, really! And it’s PINK!??? WHOA! We have the purple (pink is WAY cooler, though) Dyson Animal that we got as a wedding gift. I LOVE IT! With two dogs you can’t go wrong! I call it the Bentley of vacuums. I feel like I should be a spokesperson for the dang thing!Cristie πŸ™‚

  2. Isn’t it amazing? I never thought I’d be one to care about vaccums, but this is by far the best one I’ve ever used! Enjoy not living in flith (although I doubt you were)

  3. I am so excited for you! I can just see you jamming out to your Bose (or ipod) shaking your cute little derriere, in your lululemon pants, of course, for Dave, while you vacuum. Excellent work philanthropical one.

  4. Man that was hilarious the year mom was on that crazy can collecting binge.. But I believe that tv still sits proudly in our kitchen.

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