Prelude To A Party

On Friday night I had a party at my house, the theme of which was ‘Cookies and Cocktails for Christmas, Chaunukah and Kwaanza.’ Based on the cookie exchange parties that my mom and her friends had when I was a child, plus more alcohol and profanity. Or perhaps my mom’s parties had just as much of both, but after my bed time.

Thanks so much to Leina, Jen, Ashley, Kim, Kellie, Robin, Kristen, Jackie and Stacey P. for contributing DELICIOUS goods and adding to the merriment. And a special shout-out is deserved for Stacey K., Alex and Amy who were there in spirit!

But before I indulge you with posts of the chatter and cheer that filled my house once the party started, I feel the need to tell you that my treats were prepared on Thursday, the night before the party. I’m a working girl, I have to plan ahead!

When purusing through my holiday recipes, I felt lucky to discover that one of my favorite treats, Corn Flake Wreaths, also happens to be gluten-free. For any of you out there, ie: my friend Jen, who have Celiac’s disease, please know that I am become quite fluent in GF baking (see that? acronyms even!) and other dietary restrictions. Gluten or no gluten, these things are a delight, although I admit that I made about four actual wreaths and then about a dozen circular type shapes. Getting the whole in the middle of those things was very cumbersome! Also, Ms. Leina’s friendly suggestion for ‘more cinnamon candies’ will be taken seriously, despite the fact that the recipe calls for only a couple per treat. So here’s what to do:

First, add the butter and the marshmallows into a pot…any food that starts with this step cannot be bad. Once it’s melty, add green food color. Once the color is thorough, add the flakes. Stir gently so as not to smash the cereal!

Then, while probably obtaining second degree burns, form the wreaths on waxed paper, making sure to add the cinnamon holly berries while the goo is still sticky. The entire recipe can be found here.

For my second act, I chose Peanut Blossoms, one of my mom’s classics. When I was younger, training to be a chocoholic, I would eat the Hershey’s kiss out of the middle and leave the rest behind. Oh, the foolishness of youth! It’s sad to think back on all I was missing by leaving the peanut butter cookie untouched. Besides following this recipe, my best suggestion would be to use REAL Kisses and good peanut butter. And find a little elf to help you push the chocolate on the still-warm cookies.

Each of the girls took home a bucket filled with the amazing variety of delicious treats. In addition to the above mentioned we had Fuzz Balls, Elra’s Meringue, swirly peanut butter and chocolate homemade candy, Smith’s cookies, the classic peanut butter cookie, brownies and homemade donuts. Yes, I said homemade donuts. And they were still warm when Kim arrived with them in tow!

Thanks for a lovely night ladies. Eat your heart out.

4 thoughts on “Prelude To A Party

  1. Hello,I want to start off with this first:In order to leave/post a comment I had to create a Gmail account! Ugh! Not against Gmail, but against having to remember more letters/numbers! I am better; now back to Party comments.I found serendipity in attending my first and unknown C&C for CC&K! The treats are now down to only a few…Do you think we should tell Elra about your blog? Would this start a blogging war? I love you and all, but she doesn't work and bakes good things daily/hourly…I think she would win! :-\

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