If You Loved Me, You’d Skype Me

When you live far away from home, you have to find ways to connect with those you are missing. Phone is great, e-mail is efficient and even this blog does it’s part to keep people in the loop. But there is nothing, NOTHING, better than Skype to make you feel like you are sitting around having a cozy chat with those you love. My mom likes to see my face, my sister likes to see my dogs, and my friends are so beautiful I just love seeing them.

I know what you are thinking. Or at least maybe I can fashion a guess. Perhaps you are thinking that you have NO idea how to go about setting up Skype, identifying the webcam built into your computer/attaching an external webcam to your computer. But none of that is true. If you have managed to set yourself in front of a computer to find this blog, you can manage a Skype call. In our family, I am the most technologically advanced. All that means is that compared to Dave, I can get slightly more accomplished before a computer eventually melts down. But I bought a webcam, set it up, and got it to work through Skype all on my own. And eventually, when I got a new laptop with that built-in seeing-eye thing, I passed my webcam on to my sister. And after 5 months or so, SHE figured it out too! Les and Malcolm are Skyping up just in time for our niece/nephew to arrive! Hear this: my mom and dad even manhandle Skype like it’s their job. You can manage this! (Kathy, seriously, work it out!)

Or maybe you were thinking that you don’t understand what use Skype would be to you. Some people still imagine a webcam as the tool of a creepy pervert who surfs the internet for kinky cyber dates. How 1990’s of you! Webcams are now a family affair! Or maybe, in the words of Dave’s friend Matty when it was suggested he should get Skype so we can see him, you don’t understand ‘why would I want to stare at your face while I’m talking to you?’ Matty brings up a good point, a Skype conversation has the same potential for awkwardness as a real live conversation does, but no more than that. If you are terribly socially challenged in real life, this may not improve things. But a face to face conversation via Skype is not a stare down, it’s a casual get-together! You can talk while drinking your coffee, show off your decorating or force your dogs onto your lap and make them wave hello! The uses are endless! Would it sweeten the deal if I promise you a view like this, bed head and all?

Or perhaps you’d be more interested if my little dog sat in with us?

The bottom line is that if you don’t live in this area, this timezone, or on this continent, I miss you. Sure, we talk on the phone or exchange e-mails or obsessively follow each other’s status on Facebook. But I miss your FACE. So Skype-up and find me. Pick a screen name, make it creepy or cheesy if you want. Set a date and I’ll be there.

Pictured below are my most common Skype partners:

Mom and Dad, during a quick break from their favorite past time: painting over the rooms of my childhood. Sis, in her full glory. She loves performing for a camera.
Sherry is literally Skyping in a tiny car in the Italian Alps. I shit you not. And look how happy this makes her! Sis, again. Singing a song, most likely from a Disney soundtrack.
Jess is my best friend because she shows this kind of enthusiasm when we are talking. I talk to my sister on Skype nearly daily, the moments like this make it all worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “If You Loved Me, You’d Skype Me

  1. I LOVE it… since we’re sooo far away, it’s so great to see your smiling face:) Waiting for the day we actually have our “in the flesh” reunion! Sherry xox

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