Two Halves Make A Whole?

Last Sunday, I did it again. I ran another half-marathon, bested my time, and enjoyed the bonus of having my husband waiting for me at the finish line. My friend Leina took the challenge as a first time half-marathoner but a seasoned runner. We had the requisite no-boys-allowed time on the day before the race, making sure to have a nice lunch, order room service, and watch a delicious Lifetime movie before the testosterone arrived.

This run, not being part of a marathon, was much more laid back than my previous adventure in Carlsbad. In Paso Robles, wine country, things are more laid back in general. I was thrilled to see the scenery include pastures, farms, rolling hills and amazing vistas. I felt like I was running through Kenya, except with shoes on.

After 2 hours, 11 minutes and 17 seconds (what is with the 17 seconds I always seem to tack on?) I crossed the finish line. And even though I enjoyed this race more overall than my previous race, I was very happy to finish at all because somewhere around the 2 hours, 8 minutes, 30 second mark I was greeted by a 70 degree incline which I stomped up leaning as far forward as gravity and my ankle joints would allow. Talk about a challenging finish.

The race was the culmination of a New Year filled with running, running goals, running training, and more running. And as great as it felt at the end, part of that enjoyment was the relief that I am now taking a break from such vigorous running to pursue yoga with more dedication and walk/bike/jump instead of running for a while. This old gal needs a break.

Thanks to Dave, we actually have some shots of me and Leina on the final quarter mile, and a video clip of what it looks like when I’m about to die. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Two Halves Make A Whole?

  1. Love the video, you look great, and still talking… very unlike my style -death becomes me, can’t talk or breath… finish and collapse. 🙂

  2. Wow! Congrats Lane… you’re a machine! Sherry xoxps. I love how out of breath Dave is in the video, trying to keep up with you! hehehe.

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