Biente Siete On Cinco De Mayo

On Tuesday we celebrated Dave finally turning 27, beginning the one month out of the year in which we are the same age. It just so happens that every single year Dave’s birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo. Go figure.

Although there are margaritas and salsa and pinatas being slung all over the country on May 5th, in some kind of holiday coup we are pulling on Mexico, we are lucky enough to be in a place where authentic Mexican cuisine isn’t hard to find. So in the spirit of Mexican independence, we got together with friends and celebrated Dave’s freedom from the shackles of age 26 and his excitement to be beginning his 27th year.

Dave’s birthday also came just in time to stave off some of our homesickness, as all of our teammates from the season are now reunited with their families, it was nice to be surrounded by friends.

The Fukifuji Family
Ashley, Lane and Jenn
Andrew, Scott and Mike
The Fahsbenders and David

And even though Dave was vehemently, nearly violenty, opposed to the idea of alerting the staff to his birthday, he couldn’t escape a rousing Spanish version of Happy Birthday. He claims that he didn’t want this because it is too annoying and embarassing for the staff to have to participate in such merriment. But when we told this staff that we had a reluctant birthday boy who we were not against embarassing, they did the job right.

First, they hit the lights and came in force with loud and raucous full-staff singing. Dave is not amused, but Justin (on the left) and Danny (on the right) look pretty excited.

Then, they put a sombrero on his head. The power of the sombrero coupled with the enthusiasm that double margaritas bring and combined with Dave’s realization that sitting there all glum was just going to make him look like an a-hole got Dave up and dancing.

Finally, the promised embarassment ensued, and even after a very stealth-like waiter put a cream pie in his face, Dave kept the beat.

Happy Birthday, David!

One thought on “Biente Siete On Cinco De Mayo

  1. I hate to tell Dave this, but his 27th birthday actually marks the end of his 27th year on earth. He’s officially in his 28th year of living. Happy birthday anyway!

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