Paso, Tilted

I have to start this post by saying that everything cool that has ever happened to my blog (wait, is that an oxymoron?) is completely to the credit of friends of mine who are also bloggers, but with much more creativity and talent. I was recently reading Abby’s blog and learned of a site called TiltShiftMaker. Abby was shown this inspiration by our mutual friends Rachel and the always visual pleasing Emily. And now instead of just Picnik, I have another photo editing website to obsess over! TiltShitMaker takes your photos and makes them look like dioramas by picking an area of focus and letting rest blur a little. And this blurring effect seemed to be the best way for me to tell you about our recent trip to Paso Robles, California for a day of wine tasting and a visit to the ocean.

Just like many trips to an unfamiliar place, this one was made all the more amazing by having an insider to show us around. Mr. and Mrs. Fahsbender (the original) packed us in to their SUV road-trip style and brought us to four (or was it five? who keeps count) gorgeous and delicious wineries.

By the time we arrived at the second winery everyone seemed very concerned with getting me something to eat. Why? What’s wrong? Sure I was talking in my outdoor voice while indoors and starting to get a little handsy with everyone, but what does that really matter? The sun was shining, the company was amazing and I was drunk before noon! Eventually, I ate, but only because they tempted me with delicious cheeses and french bread, not because I thought I was out of control.

When all was said and done we had learned plenty about wine and wine making that we didn’t know before. If you have questions about tannins or legs or what makes a 2005 different from a 2006 I have the answers. Also, if you were wondering the polite way to ask for more of a certain wine you tasted, just say you want to ‘revisit’ that choice. Continue revisiting as much as possible.

As lovely as it is in Paso, the temperature is the same as it is in Bako, just with less pollution, more trees and many more elevation changes. So we left the boiling hot heat and drove 20 miles to the coast where the temperature dropped 30 degrees and our spirits lifted (which didn’t even seem necessary or possible after the day we had) when we saw the water. WATER. Large, vast, endless water and cool, clean breezes. Sometimes in the desert you forget these things even exist. After a wharf side dinner of fish and chips for the boys and strictly chips with copious amounts of vinegar for me, we bellied up in a dirty little bar with a live band and had ourselves quite a night with the locals in Morro Bay.
We spent the next day recuperating on the beach before returning home. It was a last minute, unplanned trip that ended up being more fun than I’ve had in a while. Homesickness has settled in here after the post-season slump, but there’s nothing like a change of scenery to make me suck it up and enjoy what’s around me.

3 thoughts on “Paso, Tilted

  1. I love it – and it’s nice to hear you’ve found a happy place! Your dioramas make me want to a trip to California… and I highly disagree with your creativity talent comment – you’re just fielding offers for your writing / book, which I can’t wait to read.

  2. Morro Bay is where your namesake, also known as my mother, went to visit her brother and his wife. What a serendipity moment when I read your blog today, Grandma died 32 years ago today. A spiritual connection!!

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