Celebrate Twenty-Eight

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not shy about telling you or any other person I come across that 28 years ago today I made my way out of Deborah’s uterus and into the world. I’m not completely obsessed with my birthday like some people I know (my sister), in fact I see that I didn’t even mention it at all in my blog last summer. But I don’t pretend it isn’t happening or lie about my real age either. Because while I do feel myself aging when it comes to hangovers, taste in fashion, choice of underwear and sleeping in, I don’t feel old. Sure, in 730 days I will turn 30, but who is counting? I have a hard enough time battling societal pressures to be thin, successful and appropriately feminine all while having plucked eyebrows (which I don’t) and a working knowledge of celebrity gossip (also missing this). I refuse to get upset about getting older. My birthday is the one day in the year I can officially make all about me. Sure, there are other unofficial days that I also try and make about me, but on my birthday it’s completely legit. I get together with friends, eat my favorite foods, and celebrate being alive for another year.

Because when you think of it, what’s not to celebrate? True, as I get older I get closer to crow’s feet and death, but life is way too interesting and way too much fun to worry about things that are inevitable anyway. Why mourn getting older when you can instead think of what you would have missed in the past year?

If I hadn’t had this 27th year it’s pretty disturbing to think of the things I would have missed out on. I would never have been there to see my friend Kim incubate and then evacuate two babies. The Murph got married. My sister started real life and rocks at it. My parents celebrated another year of an awesome marriage. I followed along closely as Jenn and Lesya grow tiny humans. We found Enid and brought her into our family. Dave had the best season of his personal career and I proudly got to watch much of it. I reconnected with old friends that help me remember who I was and who I could be. I made new friends that make all this constant moving worth the heartache. I went to Las Vegas, tasted fancy wines, spent many a night dancing until my sexy but impractical shoes had to be kicked off. I ran two half-marathons and finally held crow’s pose in yoga class.

So, in honor of my birthday I plan to cheer aging and hip hip hooray to my late-twenties. I’ll get up early, walk my dogs, get a massage from the master of all massages, go for a pedicure, swim laps and lay by the pool with Jenn and Ash, then go to a Spaghetti Birthday Party being thrown in honor of my favorite comfort food! What’s to boo hoo over when a day like that even exists? Life can be stressful, getting older can hurt the joints. But we’re here for now and that’s more than anyone could ask for. Thanks to those of you who have sent me your happy thoughts already, I hope we can be together soon while I spend the next 12 months working on getting to 29!

6 thoughts on “Celebrate Twenty-Eight

  1. Woman, you have accomplished so much in a year, you're inspiration knows no bounds! Have a wonderful birthday love!

  2. This whole thing makes me smile and what I know to be is true that even though you and I have been seperated by so many miles for such a long time that I still love and adore my little sister just as much as I did when I was 10 and you were 7. 🙂

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