Godt Nytt År


As cliché as it may sound, I can’t believe it has been a year since my last New Year’s post. Another year and an entire decade has passed. And like any milestone, the change from 2009 to 2010 leads to a bit of reflection.

This decade has been a time of incredible change for me. The nineties were a remarkable period in my life in terms of physical, emotional and intellectual development, but nearly all of that decade was spent in my family home, in my old room, protected by the watchful eyes of American Girls dolls (Felicity and Addy, if you must know) and a poster from the movie Speed. Through the eighties and nineties I had the same roommates (M, D and Alley), had one address, one phone number, and most of my friendships were as old as my own memory. In 1999 I left home, and that’s when the dolls were put away and things really got interesting.

Since 2000 I have lost my Papa, purchased a cellphone, paid my own bills, studied and partied. I met David, bought a car, learned to speak Greek. I graduated from the University of Michigan, saw my sister graduate from high school. I went to graduate school, lived alone for the first time, stopped eating meat, started practicing yoga. I began my career, began running, got married, put my career on hiatus, moved abroad, saw my sister graduate college. I’ve made friends, adopted two dogs, lost friends, gained family and seen babies enter our world. In this decade I have had mailing addresses in Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Marquette, Canada, South Carolina, California, the Netherlands, Germany, and Norway.

All that and more makes for an eventful ten years, but also leads me to ask…what could be next? I’ll probably have a few more mailing addresses, add a few interests or activities. Maybe I’ll re-start my career or just start a new one all together. Maybe we’ll start a family or buy a house or get more dogs or maybe a cat or I’ll become vegan. I hope I’ll visit South America and Africa. Maybe my sister will become a millionaire and my parents will finally get their wish to spend Christmas with us all somewhere tropical. Life will change, I will change, Dave will change, we’ll evolve in our marriage together. Let’s assume we will be better people, try harder, love more, forgive faster, grow older gracefully, be ever more grateful.

Happy New Year.

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