Our Roman Holiday

A few days ago, we took advantage of European proximity and budget airlines and flew to Rome for a 48-hour escape from the wintery Norwegian snowscape. It’s amazing what a couple days of room temperature can do for the soul.

I won’t fill this post with the boring in’s and out’s of traveling to Rome, you could Google that in 90 seconds. Here are my basic tips: stay in a B&B, eat gelato after every meal including breakfast, always ask for a pizza slice slightly larger than what you think you can eat, wear comfortable shoes, accept that mental images will be more important than the photos you take since no photo can do such a city justice, and don’t get hit by a car or a motorbike.

What’s more important than going to Rome is simply going. Just going somewhere else. Even if you live in Marquette and go camping in Escanaba, even if you live in Brandon and spend a weekend at the lake. Leave your dogs, your kids, your Blackberry (I know that seems harder than leaving your child, but you can do it) and get away. On your own if you need to, with your love if you can.

It’s fair to say that, given our current lifestyle, Dave and I do get to spend a lot of time together, and it’s great. However, we still have a routine, that can make things a bit ho-hum. There’s practice, work, games, dogs to let out, chores to do. And as the winter months drag on, all of that can get to your head. Even during times of fairer weather, a routine repeating can be a soul-killing thing if you’re not careful.

Getting away reminds us of things we like about each other, and traveling together always brings out the best in our relationship. Seeing new sights, trying new flavors, meeting new people, it’s fun and exciting on the arm of someone you find interesting and hilarious. An adventure, no matter how small, can make love seem lovelier.

So, back in frigid and blizzarding Norway, we feel a bit refreshed. We keep going through our pictures, having a laugh over minor glitches, marvelling over Roman ruins and trying to right our intestines after the wine and cheese situation we just put them through.

7 thoughts on “Our Roman Holiday

  1. I’m so glad you guys got a chance to go! Rome is still on our list of must see places but I think it’s just been bumped up a few spots.

    The last 4 pictures are my favorite, lovely!

  2. I’m so glad you two had a good time Lane. I know what you mean about sometimes it doesn’t matter where you go just that you go somewhere. We just spent a weekend in Toronto and had that same refreshed feeling you get from a little adventure.

  3. Love the photos and I completely agree about not being able to do the city justice with a digital camera. Glad you guys enjoyed it. I’m jealous of the gelato and cheese.

  4. So pretty! I’m glad that you and Dave got some time away, even if it meant leaving your little ones behind. I also just figured out you changed your blog to wordpress… I wondered why it never came up in my google reader.

  5. OK. I have been deservedly chastized for not adding comments. I guess I shouldn’t be upset that it took so long between your post now should I? Glad to see you took a Winter Funk Relief trek to Rome. That’s a place that’s high on our list to visit one of these days. I’ll be getting rid of my winter funk starting Saturday with the start of the Bobbie and Alden Annual Memorial Ski Trip. I guess that just proves you don’t need to go warm to get rid of funk, just out of the routine. Hopefully you can see the Olympic Hockey, there have been some exciting fun to watch games. Love Ya, Uncle Steve

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