You Sound Like You’re From London


I’ll attempt to excuse my recent lack of blog posts by telling you I’ve flown from over there, back over here, drove up this way, unpacked, took a breath, and then began packing again. That’s right, packing AGAIN, because on Tuesday I am leaving on another jet-plane to London for six weeks to work for the family I was employed by in Oslo.

This time, however, I’m flying sans dogs and sans David. Solo mission. And I’m a bit nervous. A bit nervous because I’m almost never alone these days, and never for weeks on end, and a bit nervous because it’s my nature to worry. It’s how I charge my batteries.

No one can tell you better than David himself that I love spending time with him. Sitting on a couch, bed, lawn or dock with him and my dogs is a legitimately fulfilling activity for me. And I know I’m going to miss him a lot, the kind where I’ll have butterflies in my stomach when we reunite in May. But I’m trying to focus on the positive instead, the adventure, the absence that is meant to make our hearts grow fonder, the chance to catch-up with my friends in the UK and get to know some new friends who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. I will take long walks and visit museums and pop into shops that would make Dave roll his eyes whenever I feel like it. You know the kind with handbags and trinkets and soaps and greeting cards? He doesn’t seem to enjoy those, for whatever reason.

Bags are nearly packed, rainwear included, and I’m relishing the last few days with my family, my love, my dogs, my native countries grocery stores of unnecessary but wonderful size. On Tuesday I’m bound for England, to meet the Queen, figure out what crumpets are, and make a bit of money to pad the accounts. Oh and to get a really funky manicure here with Caitlin. Expect updates soon.

10 thoughts on “You Sound Like You’re From London

  1. have fun! Safe Travels! And I can just see Dave roll his eyes as you enter yet another cutesy tea related store 🙂

  2. Have you decided what you’re going to get on your nails? Can’t wait to spend time with you! I know it will be hard leaving Dave and the dogs but I hope, after the six weeks, you are glad you went on this adventure! See you on the other side!

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