We Had A Breakdown

Or two. On our way from Marquette to Minneapolis, normally a 6 hour journey, turned into a rather expensive 3 day odyssey through rural northern Minnesota. Our car, bless it’s heart, has never given us even a hint of trouble, so perhaps we were due. We have driven thousands and thousands of miles packed into that buggy riding through some pretty barren and isolated terrain lacking cell phone service in Utah, South Dakota, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. So I have decided to consider us somewhat lucky that when we broke down the first time, we were still able to drive to an exit where we could get some services, and that the second time we broke down as we rolled into a gas station parking lot only a mile from an auto shop making for a short tow. Breaking down once is annoying, inconvenient, pricey. Breaking down again the next day, about 15 miles clear of the auto shop from which you were dispatched, is disheartening, infuriating and exorbitant. But we were safe, together, and on the road eventually. Silver lining people, silver lining.

A friend once told me that moving and untangling Christmas lights are both tests of what your relationship is really made of, and I have to agree. Let us add multiple car problems in the vicinity of Moose Lake, Minnesota the day before one is starting a new job and the other is leaving to London for 6 weeks to that list. This stress could have sent us over the edge, caused a major fight, made for some serious pouting. But instead, after some minor pouting, we had a wonderful couple nights in hotel rooms with cable and gas station food. And, admitting personal bias, I have to say that if you have to break down, you should do it in the Midwest. Friendliest place to be stranded.

2 thoughts on “We Had A Breakdown

  1. Travel problems – an excellent test of how well you get along with someone. I would also rank a trip to IKEA as a litmus test for a relationship too. If you come out alive and don’t need some ‘time alone’ you should marry that person.

  2. Maybe this was the universes way of saying “slow down, take a moment and cuddle before life gets busy again” ๐Ÿ™‚

    I need this old train to break down….love us some Jack Johnson

    Vegemite wife: A trip to Ikea is a perfect litmus test, as well as putting together your purchases ๐Ÿ™‚

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