Ending The Absence

As the last week of my time in London slows ticks by, I can’t help but focus on the day of my departure, ash cloud willing, and the subsequent reunion with Dave, Falcor and Enid. Many of my friends and readers themselves know the angst of a long-distance relationship and I had our previous experience to draw from to get me through these six weeks. Last time we were long distance, Dave didn’t have a cell phone and Skype didn’t even exist yet. Things were definitely easier this time around.

But along with all the cons of being apart for six weeks, there were some pros, that I should mention in the name of honesty and to make all my moaning of the last month and a half seem less over-dramatic. The pros include:

  • When I am not living with Dave, I can eat toast and yogurt with apples or cereal and a plate of cucumbers for dinner without having to worry about additionally making a proper meal to fill up his bottomless pit.
  • While I have been here in England, Dave was a single parent to two dogs, one of whom is very emtionally needy, and I suspect he finally understands why I actually cancel social engagements to be with them. They can make you feel very guilty, truly.
  • It is very likely I will never, ever have this much, or anywhere near this much, time to myself again, and the same goes for Dave. Missing each other is awful and the distance can be stressful, but it’s funny how easy it is to forget what it was like before we cohabited and agreed to take each other into consideration for every decision. Watch a Star Trek Deep Space Nine marathon just isn’t a reality when I am living with Dave. Watching every.single.game. of playoff hockey has a soundtrack of heavy sighs when Dave has me as a roommate.
  • As annoying it is to say something so cliché, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Our hearts were already pretty fond, but 45 days and nights apart can really make you long for someone.
  • England is beautiful in the spring, London is an amazing city, and I have been lucky to get the chance to explore a bit while being paid to do a job that is actually pretty fun.

By this time next week I will be on the couch cozied up with David and my dogs, unable to even heavy sigh as we watch playoff hockey as I will be so happy just to be back to our little family, ready to be pampered, prepared to make large meals for my hungry husband and give excessive loving to my needy dogs. And I am fine with that.

4 thoughts on “Ending The Absence

  1. Wishing you the safest and most uneventful fast trip back to David on this occasion of what would have been your Grandma Clark’s 88 birthday. Clear skies, and smooth air! U. Steve

  2. I’m glad you can see some of the pros to this little jaunt in London but I know how much you want to be back home. 3 days!

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