Family Vacation

A Clark family vacation is the stuff of legends. My mom wanders off and we form a search party. My dad speaks in languages and accents that we didn’t know he was capable off. My sister and I stage a rebellion. Someone gets a major sunburn, someone gets diarrhea, someone misplaces their passport for 5 harrowing minutes. My dad finishes all of his jokes by explaining ‘it’s a joke!’ Hilarity ensues.

But seriously, as kids Alley and I were lucky to have spent many a week, planned by my dad, paid for my parents, packed for by my mom, in wonderful places. Any standard dysfunction aside, spending time together, as a family, as a foursome, was always a priority for my parents and my sister and I accepted that, eagerly as small children, then with more angst and pouting as annoying teenagers. I am amazed my parents didn’t drown us and then enjoy themselves with out all those raging hormones.

As we became adults, coordinating a vacation became harder and harder, and it has been something like 6 years since we have all been together in a palm tree and sand destination.  I know that all of us have been looking forward to this adventure for months, the chance to be together, feet up, phones off. This year Alley and I won’t be the center of the universe, which is weird, since we are bringing our significant others with us to witness first hand what a spectacle we can make of ourselves. There is a possibility of my dad wearing a Speedo, my mom hiking her shorts up and dancing in public, my sister claiming to hate us all, and me becoming emotional over a card game. It’s going to be awesome.


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