Check Me Out

Remember when I was venting all my fears about impending motherhood for all the internet to see? And one of those fears was that my blog would become a mommyblog, thereby alienating anyone not interested in that genre? Well for now those fears are allayed, because I have contributed my first post to the awesome blog Ain’t No Mom Jeans, and hopefully there will be more to come! Thanks Shana, for this awesome opportunity.

4 thoughts on “Check Me Out

  1. Ummmm….THANK YOU. Did I mention that our readers loved you? Did I mention that our stats were crazy-high? And did I mention that I love your writing? Anytime, Chicky.


  2. Haha!! Girl you have the right attitude! I am just catching up on some of your recent posts and I loved the one about how you felt when you found out. I think that experience resonated with so many women our age-ish …. I am a medical professional, having moved quite a bit with my hubby in the Air Force, so I have felt all of those emotions many times. From the no local connections to the fear of losing identity from not working due to being at home with a baby to the OMG will I ever get my normal body back after this.
    That being said, I wanted to applaud you in your bravery to just being open to what the universe is sending you through this experience. To not making decisions now about how you will feel in the future – so wise! My daughter is 20 months now, I am back to work 10-12 hours/week, and we have just moved to yet another new city in January. And it’s FINE!! More than fine – I love being her mom and all the joy that brings, and the new experiences and people that has led me to. My life is fuller even as I have given many of “my” things up. I promise you that you are going to continue to be yourself after your little one arrives, and not just yourself but an even better you having moved into the mother role. Motherhood is such a strange and wonderful transformation, it’s not at all what you ever expected and it’s so much more. It’s a connection that we all have as women with children, and it’s going to change you forever in ways you never imagined. It’s kind of like going from regular movies to 3D — so much more dimensional and faceted.
    Thanks for sharing your journey and putting up yet another great place for me to visit occasionally and feel that connection across the internet miles…. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your post. I am 26 weeks along, too, and have had just about enough of the “you just wait and see” comments from people who think telling me their horror stories is going to make me a better Mom.

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