Friday Night Lights

Remember how I moved to Texas? I realize I might have failed to mention that with much detail in this blog, so let’s do the abbreviated version: contract signed, Space Bags packed and sucked, U-Haul attached, dogs disgruntled and heavy-sighing, pregnant lady in a car for two days, Dave did 100% of the driving, TA-DA! We live in Texas now.

So after leaving the crisp fall temperatures and beautiful autumn leaves of northern Michigan, we arrived in the blistering inferno and still blooming summer of northern Texas. Maybe 90 degrees isn’t considered a blistering inferno down here, but y’all (see! I’m in Texas) aren’t nearly 30 pounds heavier and 4 ounces crabbier than usual. If it’s 90 degrees in Marquette, people are wigging out, calling in sick, soaking in a 60 degree lake and getting sunburnt like an 18-year-old on the first day of spring break. Here, people didn’t seem to notice. And aside from one rather unfortunate man doing laps in the pool with goggles, I had the chlorinated waters of our apartment complex to myself while I tried to lower my overall sweat index.

On our first Friday in town, we were invited to join some of Dave’s new teammates at a high school football game. Seeing as I wasn’t all that interested in a high school football game even when I was in high school, it seems unlikely I’d want to go now. But we were promised an experience unlike one we’ve had before. Plus the tickets were free. Sold.

I can promise you that, although my alma mater is making a very respectable season for themselves this year for the first time in decades, no MSHS football game could compare. Our VIP seats actually meant that we got to stand on the sidelines, near the end zone. And while this might not have helped a condition I’m suffering from called ‘sausage-feet’, it was certainly an exciting vantage point from which to watch two undefeated teams battle it out. It also gave us a really good 360 degree view of the fans…all 15,000 of them.

Say what now?! Yes, 15,000 people were sat under blaring lights in 90% humidity to watch teenagers play football. And they were deadly serious about it. I heard parents yelling things at the opposing players (ie: children) that would have made me blush if I wasn’t already flushed. The marching band had 600 members in glittery costumes that took up the entire field!

Even in the heat, the experience was worth it. I felt like I was on the set of Varsity Blues, except James VanDerBeek wasn’t there. Shame about that.

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. It looks like you are nearly initiated into Texan life. Now you just need to kill a scorpion + give a droll worthy write up about Tex-Mex.

    I kind of thought you were joking about the 600 band folk – clearly you weren’t.

  2. “I don’t want yer lafe.” One of the best lines in modern cinema.

    Not going to lie, Texas scares the bejesus out of me. The football loving, god fearing, bible thumping, “everything is bigger in Texas” crowd just freaks me out.

    However, there is a store called Boot World in Houston. Instant win.

  3. Holy Cats! When they say ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ they mean it and are especially referring to their marching bands.

  4. yes, texans are very serious about football, even high school football… except for me. i hate football, which is one of many reasons i’m a bad texan.

    and… are you telling me that a marching band that large is not normal? i didn’t know that. my hs marching band was just like that. haha!

    liz, i have not heard of this boot world!

    1. What what what?!

      I was in Houston in 2002 and Boot World was next to Cowboy Hat World (or something like that). I even have a picture of it somewhere that I will have to dig out of whatever hidey hole I stuck them in.

      I wish I knew what area of Houston I was in to put you in the right direction! Um… it was down a highway…

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