Pushing A Baby Around

Sometime in the future, I’ll be pushing a baby around in a shopping cart. I’ll probably also be wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers, have crazy light-socket hair and be mumbling incoherently as I stroll the aisles of the grocery store. But my baby will be adorable and well-protected from germs. Read more about it on here on Ain’t No Mom Jeans.


2 thoughts on “Pushing A Baby Around

  1. We didn’t have these as babies right? Too much stuff! Why can’t I wear the baby in the grocery store? I’m sure I’ll keep hearing of different inventions created to make baby safer and more comfortable and completely germ free. At some point I’ll just buy them a plastic bubble and call it a day. I’m getting overloaded right now…

  2. You certainly can wear a baby to the grocery store!

    My main point isn’t that we NEED any of it, just that if we choose to buy it, why not choose a handmade alternative.

    P.S. Don’t necessarily go by ‘did we have this as kids’? It can backfire! 🙂

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