While I didn’t have it in me this year to carve a pumpkin or find a costume to fit over this situation I’m dealing with on my torso, we tried to keep things spooky by going to a scary movie, choosing Paranormal Activity 2. I was always a fan of a scary movie, not a gory movie, but a creepy, jump-out-of-your-seat-peek-out-from-behind-your-fingers kind of movie. Times have changed however, and even though I still enjoy the thrill of a good thriller, we made a conscious decision to catch a matinée so it would still be light when we came out. You know, just in case.


As the mercury rose over 80 degrees today, I couldn’t help but think that these Texas kids are missing out  on part of the culture of Halloween. Where is the challenge in picking a costume if you don’t have to think “How can I incorporate Sorels into this outfit?” or “Will this fit over my snowsuit?” I remember clearly the first year I didn’t choose some kind of padded mammal as a costume, I was in 4th grade and wanted to be a beautiful, elegant fairy. I picked out a pretty satin and tulle number, complete with long flowing wig and wand. Imagine my disappointment when my mom squeezed the costume over my winter outerwear, making me look more like a rather poorly stuffed pillow case than the dainty nymph I had envisioned. If you ask me, a snowy Halloween is character building.


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