When I Leave The House, I Do It For Food

As a new mom, and a control freak, it isn’t easy to leave the house. Besides the utter exhaustion, the logistics of it all can really give me some anxiety. Admittedly, none of our outings have actually ended in a meltdown (by me or by the baby). If she gets hungry I feed her, if she poos we change her, if she gets fussy Dave walks around with her because he seems to have some kind special baby calming skill. And as tiring as it seems at first, leaving the house does tend to energize me quite a lot.

When it really comes down to it though, the only reason I’ve left the house so far has been food-motivated. To the grocery store. To the drive-thru to see what the hell Wendy’s is trying to pull with these ‘new’ fries.  To Dave’s game, which doesn’t SEEM like it is food-motivated, but there is a DESSERT CART that comes around the club level to offer sweets AND a lovely fan who buys the pregnant/nursing women treats. Seriously.

My best friend came to town this week to visit us, to meet the baby, and to relax. And by ‘relax’ I mean eat our faces off. So it was only fitting that on her last day here, we ventured into the adorable old downtown and hit up the Spoons Cafe, site of one of my previous out-of-the-house ventures where I discovered the MOST amazing french toast that I’ve ever tasted. Which is saying a lot.

Since I had talked the toast up so much, Jess knew we had to order it. But we shared an order of the ‘Grown-Up Grilled Cheese’ (think fancy cheese, sourdough, and pesto) with sweet potato fries on the side. Dave got the ‘special’ which included chicken fried steak. What the hell is that anyway? No, don’t tell me. He seemed to enjoy it.

Besides the fact that the food was really delicious and Tony, our server, was not only friendly and competent but also confident in telling us how to get the baby to take the pacifier, Spoons is a really charming spot. It’s cozy, cute, clean and best of all, local. I highly recommend.

Sidenote: If you are going to stop at the Spoons Cafe, you might as well stop at the nearby gelato shop afterwards. Between the three of us we filled our tiny cups with peppermint, dark chocolate, rocky road, and sea salt caramel, to name a few. We also made friends with the adorable boy working the counter, who admitted to us that he once fell asleep for 8 minutes in the back on a slow day, but is working hard for the money until he moves to college. People in Texas are so friendly!

10 thoughts on “When I Leave The House, I Do It For Food

  1. Sounds like a delicious visit! But speaking of adult grill cheese sandwiches (which are my favorite!), doesn’t your sister live in Grand Rapids? If so please tell her that she needs to go to Marie Catribs in East G.R. and try theirs because it is literally amazing! I have dreams about it!
    Well keep eating, you gotta feed that baby! hugs!

  2. Marie Ctribs was pointed out to me by Allison when I was in Grand Rapids last weekend. The lady had a place in Marquette many years ago. She was way ahead of her time and didn’t last up here, but I remember it well.

  3. I’m so jealous that you don’t have to bundle up Vesper (or yourselves) to go out an about… and winter has just begun!

  4. I, too, indulged in grown up grilled cheese and sweet potato fries in Chicago while visiting a friend. I felt gloriously ill afterward…

    I second Sherry’s comments. I would be a medal contender in snowsuit wrestling, I’m sure.

  5. How is that you are eating french toast, gelato, and delicious grilled cheese and still look so adorable – almost 11 weeks into this I am definitely battling the “new” me with utter frustration. I am sure that the idea of having to look cute at Cassie’s wedding in 3 weeks is not helping either! Regardless – it all looks amazing. And PS – the reason why Dave can soothe her so easily is that he’s not tempting her with “the boob.”

  6. I love spoons and that new gelato shop! Do you live in Mckinney? I love the downtown area but we live on the new side of Mckinney. I just found your website while looking for maternity options on “Aint no mom jeans” blog.

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