Girl’s Night In

Despite the very transient nature of our lifestyle, I’ve been lucky to meet wonderful girls everywhere we’ve lived. And once those women get to know me, they know I definitely like to have a little fun. Every year has its own flavor. Last it was copious amounts of wine and cake and dangerously energetic dancing in Elise’s living room. The year before it was the female version of the rookie party in my backyard, complete with body painting and ‘Poisonous Punch’ (I admit, that whole thing is a bit fuzzy for me). The year before you could find me with Hilary and our Germans girlfriends drinking heavily in some dark, strange east German bar…several nights a week. In Holland Sherry and Hannah and I found a way to empty a few bottles of wine every time we were together while the men played darts. The point is, girls know how to have fun and in this boy’s club it’s an important component of staying sane.

This year things have taken a very predictable turn for the quiet. When we arrived here, I was heavily pregnant (a temporary condition) and a lot older (seems to be an irreversible condition) than the other ladies from the team, meaning I didn’t join in on the typical let’s-get-drunk-so-getting-acquainted-is-less-akward events. Once baby came along, my social circle closed even tighter, consisting only of the amazing family I had here to help me, the other pregnant girl, and the girl with a baby. But as you know, any get-together is only as good as the people there…SO I AM IN LUCK!

Baby had her first play-date, and I had my first festive glass of holiday wine, last weekend with Mary, her daughter Lucy, Whitney, and her female fetus. Mind you, baby slept her way through most of the chatting, eating and drinking, but still. Mary made us AMAZING homemade veggie pizza, crust and all. And we switched babies so I could enjoy the fun, playful Lucy and Mary could enjoy the quiet, sleepy, cuddly newborn. And we had laughs and talked about girly topics and rolled our eyes and it was lovely.

The truth is that I could only have 1 (ok 1.5) glass of wine. And that I was home by 10 so I could still get some sleep that night with baby since Dave was out-of-town. So it wasn’t exactly an all-nighter. But it was enough to remind me that life goes on, albeit at a different pace, now that baby is here. I can make friends and enjoy a chat and leave my house, even if that seems a bit hard at times. Doing it is the key, momentum is a powerful thing.

Below: Little Lucy; baby being a bit of a party pooper at her first playdate; Mary’s adorable and festive baby food jars wine glasses.                                                                

4 thoughts on “Girl’s Night In

  1. Lucy is such a doll. The shirt is awesome. Vesper looks like she’s adding some pudge! I love it. She’s so beautiful and healthy. Fun night for you girls. : )

  2. Lane, I miss our wine drinking nights:(
    I WISH we lived close enough to enjoy our babies and some adult beverages…
    Glad you’re getting out and about with Vesper… she’s one lucky girl to have such an amazing mommy!
    Sherry xox

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