On Our Walk…

Some Lady: What a beautiful baby! How old is he?

Me: Thank you! She is two months old.

Some Lady: She? She’s wearing brown and green.

Me: Yes, she is.

Some Lady: But girls wear pink! Or at least purple?

Me: She’s a baby, not a Barbie.

Some Lady: (smug and dumb) Well you better get used to people mistaking her for a boy if you don’t dress her in pink.

Me: (smug and intelligent) I’ll brace myself.

10 thoughts on “On Our Walk…

  1. I’m laughing, but at the same time horrified that someone would be rude enough to say something so sexist like that — especially about a 2 month old baby.

  2. I can’t believe someone would be rude enough to even suggest you’re dressing your child the wrong way. When it comes to kids, apparently everyone knows better than the mother. Ugh.

  3. LMAO! I am so envious of your quick wit response, I would have froze in shock and just smiled…..and then thought later about all the things I wish I would have said!

  4. Love your response!
    Once a shop attendant gave me a horrified look when he realised that the baby in a red snowsuit was, in fact, a boy. Since when did red become a girls only colour?

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