The Weekly Reader

Dave and I are both readers, lovers of books, and with any luck (and the normal amount of parental pressure) the baby will be the same way. I’m always browsing Amazon, reading reviews on Goodreads, and fantasizing about the day when I am reunited with all the books left in storage in my parent’s attic.

Even though having a baby has taken away from reading time considerably (so selfish, that baby!), I use the hours spent breastfeeding and/or holding a napping baby in my lap to try to keep up with one of my greatest loves. Still, I miss the unbroken hours I could spend curled up with a book and I miss talking with others about books I’ve read (ooooh Oslo Expat Book Club! How I miss you!). But as baby’s schedule begins to sort itself out, I’m determined to spend more time reading myself and more time reading to her as she grows more and more interested.

Since the universe seems to know what we need, this week we’ve had an abundance of new reading material. Hooray!

First, we went to the used book store and picked up two board books for the baby (one about opposites, one about hippos, naturally) and a bit of non-fiction by prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens.

Then the wonderful UPS man came with our most recent Amazon order. Two MORE board books for baby, Hockey Shapes and Hockey Colours (NOT colors. Get it straight.). The box also held a novel for me, ‘The Finkler Question’ by Howard Jacobson (highly recommended by a friend and former book club member, review to come in the future).

And, admittedly not a book but still a VERY intellectual addition to the baby’s education, the DVD edition of ‘Newsies.’ A.k.a. Christian Bale, the early years. A.k.a. an all-male musical made by Disney. If you haven’t seen it, we can’t be friends until you fix that situation. I still have it on VHS, but my sister pointed out that by the time the baby can learn what she needs to know from it, it may be hard to get our fingers on a VHS player.

THEN, a package arrived from Grandma Clark for the baby for Valentine’s Day…the gorgeous book ‘Olivia’ and a little bear holding a ‘V.’ I love a book with beautiful illustrations AND a female protagonist that isn’t a princess!

5 thoughts on “The Weekly Reader

  1. Lane – I thought you meant ‘Oliva’ by Dorothy Strachey on first read of this! If you haven’t read it check out a review to see why I raised an eyebrow at the choice of material for young V. Most progressive grandparenting….

  2. Treasuring reading and sleeping right now. Glad you’re able to begin fitting in a bit more. V looks like Alley in that pic in a way… Haha! Her eyes(and nose) say Clark, but her expressions at times say Bonk. Loving this combo package. 🙂

  3. Santa Fe are you there?!
    Do you swear you wont forget me?
    If I found you would you let me come and stay


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