My Funny Valentine

Since the birth of baby, my concept of love is forever changed. I never knew this kind of love, simply because I’d never known it. (That makes sense to me, I’m a tad tired) But now I know and things couldn’t look better from where I am sitting. And as much as everything has changed, everything is also the same. My tenth Valentine’s Day with Dave as my Valentine, even thousands of miles away, I love him more than ever.

I looked back in my blog to see what I was thinking about the past couple Februarys…and for the most part I feel the same way. About fur. About asteroids trying to kill us. About wanting to eat vegan more often. And as far as Valentine’s Day goes, I could never ever say better than myself in 2009…still so much love to celebrate, so much more than ever. (I especially stand by my point regarding Valentine themed candy packaging)

3 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. My sister keeps telling me that she can’t wait for me to have this baby so that I can feel the best kind of love there is in the World! And how instant and powerful it can be! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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