Have Baby, Will Travel

Last week I took baby home for the first time. Home, being a relative term and often a state of mind, in this instance refers to the home of my childhood, the place where my mom tucks me in and I get to share a bed with my sister and I can walk to get the most delicious muffins in existence and my dad comes home and yells ‘hello’ as loud as he can to find out who else is in the house and a couple of my best friends in the whole world live a bike ride away. To the U.P., the place of my birth and, let’s be honest, a place that will be a defining factor in baby’s life no matter where she goes to elementary school.

The one problem with home is that it’s, well, far away. From almost everywhere. Except Green Bay, Wisconsin. And I don’t live there. So in order to get baby to the mother country, it was going to take a bit of travel. By plane. Without Dave. With the baby. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Let me start by saying, despite my love of travel, I hate traveling. I love getting somewhere, I love exploring, I love the little adventures that come along the way. But I hate the logistics of the journey. I hate the lines, the crowds, the timetables. I hate carrying things and shuffling into tiny spaces with recylced hot air and turbulence. My god the turbulence. Traveling, especially by plane in the post 9/11 era that requires shoe removal and weird regulations on liquid volumes, makes me sweat. Traveling with an infant for the first time without my partner made me pit-out my shirt instantly upon departure from my apartment.

Generally speaking, everything went really well. We got through security with little fanfare, we found our gate, I kept my excessive sweating hidden under a cardigan.

On the leg of our journey, both there and back, that involved a teeny tiny plane we were offered the chance to board early and get settled. Not that it really matters when the plane holds about 40 people, but the thought was there. On the leg out our journey, both ways, when we were boarding a giant jet we were offered no such courtesy. So I sweated as we moved at a snail’s pace down the jetway, holding 15 pounds of baby, carrying 20 pounds of diaper-backpack, and shuffled 3 inches every 4 minutes until we finally reached our seat.

Sidenote: Nothing makes you feel more hated and yet more powerful than the look of every seated passenger as you come closer and closer to them, watching them become believers as they pray to anyone who is listening that they don’t have to sit next to the baby.

The back pain and perspiration were all worth it, of couse, to be home with my family and best friends for a few days so that baby could start to get to know her roots. The visit, as visits tend to be, was much too short, but I look forward to a longer one in the summer.

7 thoughts on “Have Baby, Will Travel

  1. I am a regular follower of your blog and just had to comment. I had the same experience flying with a 5 month old back in January. On both legs we weren’t offered the chance to board early and were on a really teeny tiny plane. I had an empty seat next to me so I took the car seat with me.
    Unfortunately the car seat was too big for this teeny plane that I had to tilt it and lift it above the seats with, a 16lb baby in it a diaper bag and purse on my side and back pack that had her formula and bottles on my back. I finally got to my seat 7 minutes later and just broke down and cried. Oh and “the looks” I got from the passengers are indescribable.

  2. Love the new header! Most delicious muffins in the entire world, you are correct! Made me tear up a bit reading this. My parents come in the house and yell out “yoo-hoo”. I love it and am now starting to do it. Traveling with infants is always an adventure, especially sans hubby. Thanks for the reminder to wear dark color on top to avoid visible pit-out on our next flights.

  3. Though so long ago, I remember that the worst looks come from the people that never had children of their own. Moving back from California to Michigan on Christmas Eve with our son, a dog, and a live bird (yes the bird also came to the cabin) and all the non-checked and checked bags was a trip that we’ll always remember. People thought we were nuts. Driving all that distance with the same group, now that would have been down right crazy.

    1. So much to consider Fran! Are you traveling alone? Do you have a connection? Are you checking a bag or just carrying on? I had my ergo AND an umbrella stroller…and I don’t regret it at all. Private message me if you want because I seriously put TONS of thought into this! haha

      P.S. AUSTIN! So close yet so far from here! Fun!

  4. I miss you guys so much already. I want all the Clonks in Marquette all the time! Muuuahahahhaaa -I want you all!!!! Love you. 😉

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